On 10/28/14 04:03, Nidal Khalil wrote:
Hello All,
I am setting up usb to transfer 3 frames on the bulk read descriptor but
all I get is one frame transferred? Basically aframe = 1

However if I use .short_frames_ok = 1, then the transfer will pend till the
three frames are received. This code is part of a network driver
I would like to receive the one buffer it is the only one available and at
most three buffers at a time if the transfer is complete.
The one frame a time to respond to ping and three frame at time when the
transfer load is heavy.

Is this a limitation of FreeBSD.
I searched all the drivers in the 9.3 release and I can not find a driver
that is setup to receive multiple buffers?

Below is my sample code:


The USB hardware drivers don't have a timeout on the multi-transfers. The only mechanism that is widely accepted is the so-called short packet termination mechanism, and that is enabled when "short_frames_ok = 0" and "short_xfer_ok = 1".

If the hardware can tell in advance the lengths of the IP-packets, then you can setup a multi-job to receive them, or if the hardware can be configured to pad with zero-length packets up to a configurable number, it will work too.


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