On 11/07/14 13:25, Aurelien Martin wrote:
Dear all,

My raspberry-pi is crashing in g_vfs_done error 5 () when I'm trying to
copy data from the rpi (with dd) to my USB drive on UFS2
I can notice a high %system load ~100% on the rpi before the crash

Apparently people succeed to "fix it" by decreasing the speed of the USB
bus with sysctl hw.usb.ehci.no_hs = 1

But in my case I cannot set this sysctl. And I didn't succeed to fix it
with camcontrol

Can you guide me on my investigation to decrease the speed of USB ?


If you connect your USB device through an external full speed USB HUB, it will go full speed.

It is possible to make all RPI-B devices enumerate at full speed too, but then you will have decreased network performance.

Is you external USB device known to be buggy?


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