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I'm not sure about Haswell, but Panther point chipsets has a propritary USB
extension to switch on/off USB 3.0 support. Look for:

        /* On Intel chipsets reroute ports from EHCI to XHCI controller. */
        switch (pci_get_devid(self)) {
        case 0x0f358086:        /* BayTrail */
        case 0x9c318086:        /* Panther Point */
        case 0x1e318086:        /* Panther Point */
        case 0x8c318086:        /* Lynx Point */
                sc->sc_port_route = &xhci_pci_port_route;
                sc->sc_imod_default = XHCI_IMOD_DEFAULT_LP;

In: sys/dev/usb/controller/xhci_pci.c

Maybe you need to add your HASWELL XHCI ID's there!


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