On 12/13/14 06:43, Anish Mistry wrote:
        I have a HP Pre3 (webos) which when switched into USB tethering mode 
freetether exposes a RNDIS Ethernet Device.  This should simply appear as ue0
and off to the races.  Unfortunately it attached via umodem due to the
usb.conf/devd usb_autoconf scripts and a device class overlap with if_urndis.
After commenting out those manual attach lines for umodem and kldload
if_urndis the device still didn't attach.  After going into if_rndis.c and
enabling the "umodem" conflict section on line  ifrndis.c:173 (I'm running
10.1) and recompling the kernel module the device appears and
functions, I'm using it to post this.
        How to I make this permenant (create a quirk?) so I don't have to hack
usb.conf and if_rndis.c each time I upgrade?


Could you send the complete patch you are using?


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