On 12/22/14 02:38, Kohji Okuno wrote:
From: Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>
Subject: Re: About XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE.
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 10:30:36 +0100

On 12/17/14 05:42, Nidal Khalil wrote:
I agree. Thanks

On Dec 16, 2014 6:25 PM, "Kohji Okuno" <okuno.ko...@jp.panasonic.com> wrote:

Hi Hans,

If we use PAGE_SIZE as USB_PAGE_SIZE, we should use PAGE_SIZE as
XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE, too. I think.

As you know, one TRB can use 1~64kB for the transfer length.


We currently only check if 4K pages are supported by the hardware. If you
change the value of XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE, you will also need to change the checks
other places. You know that PAGE_SIZE is not a constant?

Do you have a complete patch?



XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE is used at only 2-points.

    We sholud change as the following, I think.

- #define XHCI_TD_PAGE_NBUF     17      /* units, room enough for 64Kbytes */
- #define XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE     4096    /* bytes */
+ #define XHCI_TD_PAYLOAD_MAX   (64*1024)       /* bytes */     
+ #define XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE     PAGE_SIZE       /* bytes */
+ /* units, room enough for 64Kbytes */

2. use as the maximum length of TRB.
    If PAGE_SIZE is 8kB, buf_res.length may be 8kB.
    But, we can set 1B~64kB for length of TRB. This is the spcification
    of xHCI. So, we don't need change this point.

1807                                 /* check for maximum length */
1808                                 if (buf_res.length > XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE)
1809                                         buf_res.length = XHCI_TD_PAGE_SIZE;

Hi Kohji,

I see your points. By doing this you save some memory in the descriptor layout for 8K page size - right?

BTW: Do you think the following check is OK, or should it be extended to check also for 8K?

        if (!(XREAD4(sc, oper, XHCI_PAGESIZE) & XHCI_PAGESIZE_4K)) {
                device_printf(sc->sc_bus.parent, "Controller does "
                    "not support 4K page size.\n");
                return (USB_ERR_IOERROR);

I guess your patch is more in the direction of optimisation. Is it very urgent? Or is it fine if I handle it the beginning of January?

Thank you for your input and review!


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