I found a bug in xHCI device driver.

Acording to extensible-host-controler-interface-usb-xhci.pdf:"3.2.9
Control Transfers"...

A Data Stage TD consists of a Data Stage TRB followed by zero or more
Normal TRBs. If the data is not physically contiguous, Normal TRBs may
be chained to the Data Stage TRB.

But, in the current imprementation, when two or more TRBs are needed,
the device driver set XHCI_TRB_TYPE_DATA_STAGE to all TRBs.
This is the violation of the spec.

In my minor xHCI, I encountered strange bubble error in a control
transfer. After I changed as the following, I succeeded its control

Would you check the following (****)?

Best Regards,
 Kohji Okuno

1785                            /* check wLength */
1786                            if (td->td_trb[0].qwTrb0 &
1787                               htole64(XHCI_TRB_0_WLENGTH_MASK)) {
1788                                    if (td->td_trb[0].qwTrb0 &
1789                                        htole64(XHCI_TRB_0_DIR_IN_MASK))
1790                                            dword |= XHCI_TRB_3_TRT_IN;
1791                                    else
1792                                            dword |= XHCI_TRB_3_TRT_OUT;
1793                            }
1795                            td->td_trb[0].dwTrb3 = htole32(dword);
1796    #ifdef USB_DEBUG
1797                            xhci_dump_trb(&td->td_trb[x]);
1798    #endif
****    #if 1  /* my patch begin */
****                            if (temp->trb_type == XHCI_TRB_TYPE_DATA_STAGE){
****                                    temp->trb_type = XHCI_TRB_TYPE_NORMAL;
****                            }
****    #endif /* my patch end  */
1799                            x++;
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