On 05/02/15 16:33, Kevin Lo wrote:
On Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 09:17:40AM +0100, Rick van der Zwet wrote:

Hi Folks,

Hi Rick,

I have been trying to write a FreeBSD driver (if_rtl) for the Realtek
RTL8152 chipset, which is a USB to Ethernet dongle (using the Sitecom
LN-030 v3).

What a coincidence.  I've been slowly working on porting r8152 driver from
Linux to FreeBSD since last month.


Looking at the if_rue(4) and the linux r8152.c code, basically I got
this far in porting but yet no working code:

There are no bulk out and in packets passing trough, so I am basically
stuck now, not knowing how-to continue this journey. Could anybody give
me an hint on how-to get this train going again?

Mine basically is working but needs serious cleanup and bug fixes.

Please let me know if it works for you, thanks.

I have been trying it in VirtualBox and basic I/O works. It really does not like to be stressed. Running an `ping -f` or iperf kills the driver saying 'ure0: PHY read failed'.

Will try to get some real hardware setup to see if it makes any difference.

Best regards,
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