On 03/18/15 11:19, Gokul Krishna wrote:
Sure I will do that.
I watched the video on USB stack on freeBSD and I could able understand
those USB data transfer management constructs and other things explained .
I also checked the vusb-analyser which is a Virtual USB Bus-analyser and
understood certain debugging things that it gives information of data
including device address from device descriptor and amount of data transfer
from  interface and endpoint (In and Out buffers) descriptors data
structures .

Another idea might be to implement a USB backend for Wireshark. It also can understand USB transactions!

The aim of the project is to convert XEN USB device model( made with Linux
requirement ) into something compatible with FreeBSD USB Stack.


I also try to see things on para-virtualised XEN USB . I found  the
appropriate front-end driver source tree in slide number 7 in the below pdf
(please give your suggestions and comments and will i have access to see
this code)
I think i need to go through this particular source code to find my precise

So I will have more clarity in planning the list of milestone tasks  for
mid-term deliverables  toll gate and final deliverables toll gates which i
need to get reviewed from you before applying the proposal.

When you have something ready, just contact me off-list and I'll give it a review.


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