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I have a new cellphone, the BQ Aquaris E 4.5 Ubuntu Edition, i.e. it
runs Ubuntu 14.10.

When I connect this to the USB port of my 11-CURRENT netbook it gives in

Mar 30 10:25:17 c720-r276659 kernel: ugen0.4: <BQ> at usbus0
Mar 30 10:25:17 c720-r276659 root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x2a47 product 
0x2008 bus uhub0

I'm attaching as well what the ubuntu-phone folks think about their side
of the story.

Any chance that we could get support for it into the if_cdce driver? The
vendorID is not listed in sys/dev/usb/usbdevs until now.

Can you dump the USB device and configuration descriptors of your phone?


Here they are:

You need to enter your phones menu and select USB tethering instead of MTP.


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