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Hi HPS, thanks for the reply. I put this in to keep track of this issue while
investigating it; I'll have a look at updating the descriptor values in the
template when I get set up for BBB builds in a bit.

I was able to get a functional USB serial port in Windows with the BBB image
despite the device qualifier descriptor issue, it's just that the USB tool

As an aside, we'll need to do something different to support the network
interface with Windows hosts. This page makes it sound like Windows has support
for the CDC Ethernet Networking Control Model:
but I wasn't able to actually find any evidence of that (looking for Class_02
and SubClass_06).

It looks like the options are:

* 3rd party CDC Ethernet class drivers for Windows
These are proprietary and Windows 10 is "coming soon"

* Implement CDC MBIM target in FreeBSD
Likely fairly straightforward. MBIM does not Ethernet encapsulate
frames, I think it's just IP.

* Implement RNDIS target in FreeBSD
The host side (if_urndis.c) is pretty small - we could probably implement it
without much trouble.

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