On 09/10/15 00:04, Shrikanth Kamath wrote:
Basic query is it okay for usb_event_thread/usb_discover to get called
when a block transfer is in progress and there was no USB
attach/detach event?

Is it triggered by usb controller?


This event is typically triggered by a port-status change event. Are you seeing a particular problem?

Are there any documents on the FreeBSD 6.x USB stack?

Not as I'm aware about.


usb_transfer_complete: repeat=0 new head=0
usbd_start_next: pipe=0x82acd7d0, xfer=0
usb_event_thread: woke up
usbd_transfer: xfer=0x82b7a320, flags=0, pipe=0x82acd820, running=0
usbd_dump_queue: pipe=0x82acd820
usb_allocmem: use frag=0x9507df00 size=31
usb_insert_transfer: pipe=0x82acd820 running=0 timeout=65000
usb_transfer_complete: pipe=0x82acd820 xfer=0x82b7a320 status=0 actlen=31


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