On 10/17/15 19:08, Philipp Maechler wrote:
Good evening,

I have a problem and a manual an nasty work around, and like to have
some hints how/where to digg deeper.

FreeBSD 10.2  (GENERIC freshly installed) and root zfs pool on a
external usb harddisk drive. I try to boot from this zfs pool. More
details about the hardware further down.

This zfs pool is a zfs send/receive copy of a working zfs boot setup
(but it was before an 10.1 - note to myself: never change 2 things at
the same time [duplicate])

The new harddisk is setup properly (boot-loader etc) and also the zpool
cache file is correctly up-to-date and the bootfs property is set.

What happens is that the boot loader works fine, then it loads the
kernel and the kernel starts. At this time, the drive switch off and the
kernel loads further and starts to wait for root an usbus0 and usbus1


It is not easy to say why your disk is powering down. I know the ZFS uses some more SCSI commands like SYNCHRONIZE cache which UFS doesn't in the same way. Did you try to edit sys/dev/usb/quirk/usb_quirk.c and add a UQ_MSC_NO_SYNC_CACHE for your disk?

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