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I started running stable/10 back in December, sometimes building updates every
couple of weeks.

Expanding from my last entry - it is definitely related to the usb multi card
reader that *was* attached internally. Since disconnecting that I have not had
an issue, current uptime is 24 days 14 hours - best time in almost 12 months.

While sometimes I had trouble mounting a usb memstick before the locking issue
that prevents process creation, other times the locking happened without trying
to mount a device. I wasn't sure at first if these two were related.

As I always got varying uptimes from 20 minutes to 2 days, there would be a
timing factor where maybe the card reader goes to sleep just as it was being
scanned... I expect that is then holding the lock that causes trouble later.

It also appeared to only initially affect the usb bus that the card reader was
attached, as the example of failing to mount a memstick in the front
case-mounted usb port while a rear usb3 port worked. Then once the locking
kicked in, neither worked.

The reader was installed when I got the machine, I first installed 9.0 (I think
RC3) and updated to 9.1 and 9.2 without issue, then I installed 10.1 RC2 and
the problems started.

I get this can be hard to pin point and also hard to test as I can't reproduce
the issue on cue, and as no-one else seems to have this issue it may even be
this reader attached to this motherboard, I am happy to leave the reader
disconnected and move on.

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