--- Comment #21 from Anatoly <> ---
(In reply to Mantas from comment #19)
I see in attached test.pcap file at record 112 that you're trying to connect to
port 443 (https) on (pfsence). You ( sending SYN. And
something really listens on this port, since you've got SYN, ACK back (rec.
113). But this SYN, ACK obviously never reaches you. All that repeat 3 times.
If it isn't firewall blocks those packets, probably they may corrupt for weird
reason while traveling back. You may try:
Disable checksum offloading on ue0:
#ifconfig ue0 -txcsum -rxcsum
Switch link to slowest mode:
#ifconfig ue0 media 10baseT/UTP mediaopt half-duplex
But thats really strange since there's no problems with ARP nor ICMP packets.
Will it work to ping pfsence with 24-byte packets? >ping -l 24 (on
windows); #ping -s 24 (on unixes)

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