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>From /usr/src...

svn log -v -r xxxxxxx (will tell you which file(s) got changed, in this case
just one file in the USB driver set)

Then, after figuring out whether you have interdependencies and can safely roll
back just one file or you must do the entire tree:

svn update -r xxxxxx file-that-got-changed (if just one file as is the case
here, and no other dependencies on later commits; this can be dangerous but in
this case it's ok)


cd /usr/src (or /usr/src/sys in this case, since this is kernel-specific)

svn update -r xxxxxx . (will roll the entire tree from that point downward back
to the specified revision)

and then of course "make buildkernel;make installkernel" from /usr/src.

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