On 08/19/16 13:09, Daniel Kopeček wrote:
 I'm trying to find out whether FreeBSD has an equivalent to the USB
(de)authorization interface that is implemented the Linux kernel [1],
i.e. if there's a flag for each USB device and interface that controls
whether that particular device/interface is allowed to communicate
with the system.

So far I haven't found anything promising so I guess there's no such
interface. If that's true, do you think it would hard be to implement?
Would it require refactoring of the USB subsystem or just a few lines
at the right places and something to export this interface to the user


[1] https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/usb/authorization.txt


We have some sysctls you can set which allow or disallow USB enumeration:

hw.usb.disable_enumeration: 0
dev.uhub.0.disable_enumeration: 0

We don't support wireless USB.


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