--- Comment #3 from Hans Petter Selasky <> ---
Got it. OK, Look at this error:

xhci: output context at 831a000
xhci: invalid input context control 00000000 00000003
13236@1471749323.871077:usb_xhci_queue_event v 0, idx 8, ER_COMMAND_COMPLETE,
CC_TRB_ERROR, p 000000000499fdf0, s 05000000, c 0x01008401
13236@1471749323.871080:usb_xhci_irq_intx level 1

And this piece of code which I simply Googled:


    cpu_physical_memory_read(ictx, (uint8_t *) ictl_ctx, sizeof(ictl_ctx));

    if (ictl_ctx[0] != 0x0 || ictl_ctx[1] != 0x3) {
        fprintf(stderr, "xhci: invalid input context control %08x %08x\n",
                ictl_ctx[0], ictl_ctx[1]);
        return CC_TRB_ERROR;

It looks like the ictl_ctx[1] read should have a le32_to_cpu() wrapper around


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