I have an Acer Aspire E15, with one allegedly USB 3.0 capable port and
a Western Digital USB 3.0 drive; but they don't talk to each other.
After plugging it in, usbconfig shows that there is a:

ugen0.2: <Elements 10B8 Western Digital> at usbus0, cfg=255 md=HOST
spd=SUPER (5.0Gbps) pwr=ON (224mA)

connected, but it does not attach to the umass driver.  I turned on
all the USB debugging sysctls I could find, and here's the portion of
the system log:  http://m5p.com/~george/10.1-RELEASE-p35-xhci-messages
Have there been improvements in the xhci driver between 10.1 and 10.3
that might relate to the problem?

The drive works on the USB 2.0 ports, but of course much more slowly
than I assume it would in USB 3.0 mode.

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