Bug ID: 213713
           Summary: xhci and ehci interrupt storms
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: amd64
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: usb

Created attachment 176069
output from dmesg, vmstat -i, usbconfig, and debug sysctls

I have 2 Lenovo ThinkServer RD450 machines that are pretty much identical:

Intel Haswell Xeon E5-2630 CPUs
2 SD cards in internal SD/USB adapters in a ZFS mirror for booting
6 4TB Hitachi SAS drives (ZFS "RAID-10")
2 200GB Seagate SAS SSDs (1 SLOG, 1 L2ARCH)

These used to work perfectly probably around 10 months ago using then -CURRENT
(which was 11.x before the first BETAs/RCs).  Since then they've pretty much
been powered off and I'm trying to revive them.  So far I've tried both
11-STABLE and 12-CURRENT. Under both of them, sometimes booting dies as the USB
bus the SD adapters are on time out, which keeps the kernel from finding the
boot devices.  Other times everything works, however both the xhci0 and ehci0
interrupts receive over ~250k interrupts/second.  If I disable XHCI in the UEFI
firmware, the xhci0 interrupts obviously stop, but the ehci0 ones are
unchanged.  As I said, I don't recall this happening before, so it's either a
change that happened in the kernel, or it's something introduced by an UEFI
update (I'm on the latest that was released about a month ago).

UEFI settings that might be relevant:

PCI/PCIE Settings

SR-IOV Tech Support - Enabled
ARI Support - Enabled
Above 4GB Decoding - Enabled
ASPM Support - Auto

USB Settings

Legacy USB Support - Disabled
Port 60/64 Emulation - Disabled
XHCI - Enabled

Miscellaneous Settings

X2APIC - Enabled (toggling this doesn't seem to change the issue)

dmesg, 'vmstat -i', usbconfig, and output from setting hw.usb.debug,
hw.usb.ehci.debug, and hw.usb.xhci.debug are attached.

I got this all off of the 11-STABLE host booted off LiveUSB, so it will have an
extra device listed.  The 12-CURRENT host *NOT* booted off of LiveUSB (so
without the extra device) has the same issues.

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