On 11/25/16 14:46, Lev Serebryakov wrote:

 $subj. Don't mix it with UMASS, which is, obviously, supported for many
years. I've tried to find mentions of UASP in sources (CURRENT) and find
nothing, but maybe it is well-hidden?

 I'm asking because now I see very interesting products on market, like
5xHDD hot-swap enclosure for only $150, which uses UASP to attach to
host computer. It could be nice addition to FreeBSD-based storage servers.


For Super Speed (USB 3.0) UASP uses streams mode instead of regular bulk transfers from what I can see, which is not supported by all XHCI controllers.

In USB 2.0 mode it will work using BULK only. Not sure if the vendors provide BULK only configurations for USB 3.0.

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