On 02/08/17 19:08, Mike Tancsa wrote:
On 2/8/2017 12:55 PM, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 02/08/17 18:38, Mike Tancsa wrote:
    It works without issue on Linux.
What information from usbdump would be helpful from usbdump ?


If there are any transaction errors, like non successful USB transfers.
This is with UQ_NO_STRINGS set.  I start the dump, start up apcupsd,
when a couple of seconds then do an apcaccess to query the daemon



After your device receives the following control endpoint request it becomes unrecoverable:

13:05:50.860195 usbus0.4 SUBM-CTRL-EP=00000080,SPD=FULL,NFR=2,SLEN=8,IVAL=0
 frame[0] WRITE 8 bytes
 0000  A1 01 52 03 00 00 03 00  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  |..R.....        |
         ^^ USB read interface class (A1)
            ^^ GET_REPORT (01)
                  ^^ feature (03)
                           ^^ length (3 bytes)
 frame[1] READ 3 bytes
13:05:50.860938 usbus0.4 
 frame[0] WRITE 8 bytes
 frame[1] READ 0 bytes

Can you disable devd, and launch the apcupsd manually?

Can you figure out which application is doing this request?

If you don't start apcupsd, is this request then issued? If you stop other daemons like hald, webcamd ... ? Is the request still there when you plug the device?

Are you using the latest version of apcupsd ?

BTW: The manufacturer should be let aware of this issue. It's like a zero-day to stop the device from working properly.

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