Hi, folks,

I have a weird problem...

Hardware is an HP dc7900 small form factor PC.  OS is FreeBSD
11.0-RELEASE-p7.  I am running the GENERIC kernel.

I have a USB ethernet adapter that contains a Realtek chip... the vendor
ID is 0x0bda and the product ID is 0x8153.

If I plug this device into the machine while the system is already up
and running, it is detected and attached as ue0 on cdce0 (it appears as
ugen3.2, no matter which of the several USB ports on the machine I plug
it into).

If the device is plugged into the machine when it boots up, nothing I
can do (short of unplugging it and replugging it) will make the machine
recognize that it is there.

I have tried the following:

1.  played with hw.usb.timings.* values
2.  usbconfig -d 3.1 set_config 255; usbconfig -d 3.1 set_config 0
(which deactivates the hub that the device is connected to and then
reactivates it)
3.  did the same (set_config 255; set_config 0) on *all* of the usb hubs
4.  turned on various hw.usb.*.debug options (which produced copious
debug info, but nothing containing the strings 8153, 0bda, or Realtek)
5.  tried various devctl rescan options (including pci0)
6.  googled frantically for something similar to this problem to no
avail (well, I did come across some people with similar problems, but
their problems all seemed to be around the device coming up with the
wrong config and needing a SET_CFG_1 quirk set, which appears to already
be in the kernel as of 2015 or so)

I've looked for ways to force the USB bus to rescan (hence the usbconfig
stuff in number 2 above) but nothing I have tried seems to work.

Again, the device works fine if I unplug it from the machine and then
plug it back in.  It is detected, probes, and attaches just fine and
dandy.  The problem is that the machine is destined to be locked in a
cabinet at a remote location where there won't be anyone available to go
unplug and replug it any time the machine needs a reboot.

To clarify... when I have the device plugged into the machine and I
reboot, the device is not detected or noticed by the OS in any way. 
There is nothing relevant in dmesg or /var/log/messages.  usbconfig and
devinfo do not see it at all.  If I unplug the device and plug it back
in, it is recognized immediately and works fine.

Any ideas?


Jan L. Peterson

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