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Hello everybody,

I hope this is the right mailing list for this question. I bought a new USB3.0 
(Intenso slim line 16G) and did a clean root on zfs on it. After 3 months I 
noticed a couple of file corruptions in /usr/src and /lib. zpool scrub/clear 
changed nothing. So I fixed the single file in /lib by deleting and 
reinstalling it, which worked. I thought I do the same with the /usr/src. 
Deleted the whole dataset and created a new one, but when I downloaded the src 
into the new dataset everything crashed. The system didn’t respond at all and I 
had to recover it to a new USB drive. The old one is showing up correct with 
camcontrol devlist and gpart shows the correct Partition layout but thats it. I 
think its irrevocably destroyed but I´m not sure. /var and /tmp are in a 
different pool and atime is turned off on zroot. I am afraid that something 
like that could happen again in a couple of months. What did I do wrong and how 
can I prevent it. Was it just bad luck with the hardware or should I move 
/usr/src also away from the USB to reduce read/write?


Is the memory stick you bought intended for professional use? Flash usually wears down and if the firmware doesn't take its precautions you'll loose data simply. Are there any errors printed in dmesg from GEOM, like read/write errors?


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