Hi All,

I am a student from Jilin University, China, participating in GSOC 2017
FreeBSD. Recently my proposal has been accepted so I'd like to make a short
introduction about my proposal.

Project Title
  Add support for usbdump file-format to Wireshark

Project Description
  The FreeBSD dump tool usbdump is very useful for analyzing the internal
USB transactions, but it lacks some easy to use presentation forms for its
output file to get further analyzed.

  Wireshark is a widely used network packet analyzer with a good graphic
presentation form. Although Wireshark support variety of data formats of
capturing tools, it does not support usbdump file-format.

  In this proposal I decide to add support for usbdump file-format to
Wireshark, this procedure mainly contain following aspects:

a. Parse the usbdump file-format. To do this I should learn the Berkeley
Filter (BPF) since usbdump uses it behind the scene.

b. Add support to Wireshark’s wiretap library. The wiretap library handles
number of formats it supports, by hacking into it I can add support for the
usbdump file-format.

c. Add dissector, filter and other stuffs to Wireshark for our newly
file-format to offer normal/good user experience.


This is the first time for me to get involved in an open source project,
I'll learn hard
to catch up things I don't understand yet, and your advice will be very
appreciated :)

Best regards,
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