On 07/24/17 22:10, Anthony Jenkins via freebsd-usb wrote:

On 07/24/2017 03:28 PM, Anthony Jenkins via freebsd-usb wrote:
I'm trying to add support for uep(4) to detect and properly emit touch
events to x11-drivers/xf86-input-egalax. What I have works, but has some
issues, particularly:

  - close(2)ing the device node causes a USB_ST_ERROR in the
uep_intr_callback(); it's probably from my attempt to port an
initialization control message from Linux
  - I massage the touch events from my device into the legacy uep(4)
event structure since my multitouch-supporting touchscreen has 12-bits
of resolution per axis, but legacy uep(4) only had 11
  - For some reason my Y-axis is inverted; I had to subtract its
coordinate from the max Y value.  I'll probably add an ioctl(2) to set
axis inversion behavior dynamically rather than hardcode it.
  - I capture all the multitouch info from the USB packets, but I don't
know (yet) if xf86-input-egalax can do anything with it
  - x11-drivers/xf86-input-egalax's default min/max ranges are "silly"
(500/1500), but I didn't add the trivial patch to it.  I'd like to add
an ioctl(2) that lets xf86-input-egalax query uep(4) for axis ranges,
but as I've written my patch, uep(4) doesn't know its ranges until it
gets a touch packet.
  - I started adding support for evdev(4) reporting (added header files
and device struct members), but it's nowhere near finished.
  - I have no idea how common this eGalax protocol is or how to determine
what protocol to use from the driver.  Right now I assume a byte 0 of
0x06 means "multitouch event".
  - My x11-servers/xorg-server is patched to associate /dev/uep0 with the
xf86-input-egalax driver; I guess I'll have to make that available too.
My config/devd.c is substantially different from stock.

The main problem with uep(4) was either xorg-server or xf86-input-egalax
started doing asynchronous I/O on the device node using fcntl(F_SETOWN);
the original uep(4) expected userland to open(2)/read(2) the device
node.  I had to add the FIOSETOWN support, but I don't know if there's a
way to remove a process as owner (call fcntl(F_SETOWN, NULL)?).  If so,
I'll need to handle that case.

I can stick this up in the FreeBSD code review site if desired.


Logging is sort of noisy at the moment when touching the screen, but it
"Just Works (TM)" with my touchscreen, my slightly-patched
xf86-input-egalax driver and KDE4.

uep(4) patch:
x11-servers/xorg-server patch:

Suggestions/comments welcome.  Currently looking for help with the
USB_ST_ERROR issue, although I think I may know what's wrong (this is my
1st attempt at USB stack programming).

Anthony Jenkins

Just a dumb question: Have you tried to use webcamd with your device?


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