On 07/25/17 04:36, Jie Weng wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry for the late status updates.

In the first week I fixed several crashes when opening files in which the
length of some packets is a little longer. It was caused by a wrongly
explicit cast, the cast shorten the proper length it should be. Besides, I
was diving into learning the Epan lib of Wireshark to make ready for
dissection phase.

In the second week I register the usbdump file format to FreeBSD USB
encapsulation of Wireshark. The built-in dissectors can dissect the urb
part for each packet, but it does nothing about the frames and payloads.

Last week I was mainly focus on dissecting usbdump packets. I reused a lot
of built-in dissectors. These dissectors cannot be called directly since
the built-in FreeBSD USB dissector didn't offer enough information, so I
added many content to the built-in dissectors to collect necessary
information, the information is also needed for identifying the kind of
each packet and constructing important data structures. Currently I
finished the control transfers dissection, but it's still not 100%
functional. I think this is due to that I'm not classifying each packet
properly. This faultiness also infects the other dissection phases.

The code is at
https://github.com/jerrywossion/wireshark/tree/usbdump_dissector. I make a
new branch for current work, and I will clean the code and merge it when
dissection phase is completed.


Thank you for the work you are doing. I hope this project will help diagnose USB problems under FreeBSD more easily.


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