On 08/07/17 17:59, Michael Schmiedgen wrote:
Hi list,

after upgrading kernel from 11.0 to 11.1 the boot process stopped,
waiting forever for some USB stuff. I tried to skip waiting with


in /boot/loader.conf but then I got a very strange ZFS 'mount error 5',
which I had some time ago upgrading from 10.0 to 10.1. That error did
magically went away with 11.0, and now it seems to pop up again:



Can you try getting the dmesg.

You can also disable USB enumeration setting these:

hw.usb.disable_enumeration: 0
dev.uhub.2.disable_enumeration: 0
dev.uhub.1.disable_enumeration: 0
dev.uhub.0.disable_enumeration: 0

Are you sure you loaded all drivers, like XHCI, EHCI, OHCI, UHCI ? DOes the BIOS offer any USB options?


So I reset the boot wait option to default again and switched on some USB
debug options:


Anybody? Thanks,

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