On 10-07-2017 21:15, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On 07/09/17 23:38, René Ladan wrote:
>> But how can webcamd hook up to the touchpad if usbconfig does not show
>> the node (see previous usbconfig output) ?
> See /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webcamd
> for some examples you can put in your /etc/rc.conf to start webcamd
> manually.
Late reply...

I did put an entry for the SD card reader in /etc/rc.conf, it now contains:

webcamd_0_flags="-N NC2141103L541015BDLM04-HD-WebCam -S 200901010001"
webcamd_1_flags="-N Generic-USB2-0-CRW -S 20100201396000000"

The webcam works fine with mplayer tv://

When I insert an actual SD card in the latop, the SD card reader gives
no response in dmesg however.
The touchpad is still unresponsive too (both point and click). I updated
to kernel 859ec5eb2c8(drm-next)

It seems to me that the touchpad works over I2C, so I added a bunch of
iic kernel modules to no avail:

/etc/rc.conf:kld_list="i915kms.ko cuse.ko vmm.ko if_bridge.ko if_tap.ko
if_iwm.ko coretemp.ko iic.ko iicbus.ko iicsmb.ko iicbb.ko smbus.ko ums.ko"

There are no /dev/iic* files. Perhaps we need to port the ims driver
from OpenBSD for this?
http://man-k.org/man/OpenBSD-6.1/4/ims (or imt ?)


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