--- Comment #3 from Hans Petter Selasky <> ---

libusb is the same for -12 and -11. Just make a patch for your current system
and I'll fix the rest.

> I think libusb_has_capability is easier to implement. Do you think it is 
> correct for libusb_has_capability to always return 1 for the hotplug 
> capability?

Can you check what is expected by the hotplug capability? What functions must
be implemented when this capability returns 1?

> I found there is another missing function today:
> libusb_interrupt_event_handler. gvfs uses it in its MTP backend,
> and this is the only libusb function it calls. gvfs has an
> option to disable libusb support, so it doesn't cause build problems.

Is this a variant of the existing "libusb_event_handler_active()"? Can you
investigate a bit?


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