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When the VIA USB 3.0 controllers are in play, the FreeBSD (and Linux) guests
show the problems that we have been chasing.  But, again, only when running as
VirtualBox guest(s).

VirtualBox presents the both the Renesas and VIA USB 3.0 controller(s) as an
Intel 7 Series/C210 xHCI USB Controller.  Based on our testing and observation
this presentation is not consistent across the Renesas and VIA types.

I have no problem with being told that I am wrong.

If you can agree with my conclusions, I want to open a Bug Report with

If there is anyone in the FreeBSD community who has a connection with the folks
at VirtualBox, I would be most appreciative for any assistance that they may

Andriy, it might be useful to include a few words describing what you were
addressing with the patch that uncovered this problem.

If you agree with my conclusions, please feel free to close this PR.


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