Walla (International) Co., Ltd. is a company based in Hong Kong and one 
of the most successful Asian companies, which specialize in the 
distribution of various medical items. Due to the expansion of our company on 
markets of Europe, Canada and the USA, we started recruitment for the position 
of the financial manager in these countries.
The requirements for employees are:
1. Honest, responsible and dedicated
2. Having no problem with the authorities
3. Having a bank account to receive payment (Company account is an advantage)
4. Having 1 or 2 free hours a day
5. Having a business or mobile phone
While working for us you will be receiving payments on our behalf from our 
clients on your account and transfer the money further to our trade agents via 
Western Union Money Transfer or bank transfer. This scheme seems for us to be 
the most efficient, since it guarantees the fastest delivery of the 
payments from our customers and allows avoiding the major delays in getting the 
This means that the customers are able to receive the ordered equipment 
in the shortest possible date.
What is your interest?
You will get 6-10% commission from the whole sum of every transaction 
on your bank account. All the related charges (Western union transfer or 
bank transfer) are covered by our company.
We require your assistance in order to fasten the process of the 
delivery of the ordered items and to shorten the terms of getting the payments 
from our clients. Working for us, you are not only making money for yourself,
you are also helping thousands of people around the world in need of 
medical assistance.
We are grateful for your attention.
Your email has been forwarded by www.monster.co.uk at our request, 
because you or somebody else has subscribed for the delivery of the job offers 
on the internet.
We wish you good luck and happiness.
Send confirmation by email to  [EMAIL PROTECTED] or Fax ++ 852-301-78141 
Please include your reachable telephone number

Chen Cheng.