On Tuesday 09 December 2008 14:47:00 michael dürr wrote:
> Hallo list,
> I recently discovered the IMUNES toolkit and found me more than
> fascinated by its functionallity.
> Now I'd love to deploy the most recent version of vimage. I already
> came accross Marko's website (http://imunes.tel.fer.hr/virtnet/). As
> I don't want to use the VMware images, but install everything native,
> I set up a FreeBSD 7.0 system and tried to compile against the
> provided snapshots.
> As you can imagine, my build failed :-( . Although I'm not that
> familiar with FreeBSD, I tried hard to compile the snapshots (as well
> as the provided patch) against different tags... Without success.
> My question:
> Can you tell me a release/tag which I can download from the src tree
> which comliles and for which I can use the GUI tools? Or is there any
> other simple solution to get all this running?


builing and running http://imunes.net/virtnet/vimage_7-20081015.tgz
on a 7.0-RELEASE or 7.1-PRERELEASE should be pretty straightforward: 
just unpack the vimage_7 src tree; cd src/sys/i386/conf; config VIMAGE; 
cd ../compile/VIMAGE; make depend; make; make install and you're done.
You'll also need to compile the vimage(8) utility -> cd 
src/usr.sbin/vimage; make; make install -> done.  You'll most probably 
want to upgrade your userland from 7.0-RELEASE to RELENG_7 or 
RELENG_7_1 in order for the utilities like sockstat and netstat to work 
properly - the simpler alternative would be doing the installation from 
a recent 7.x snapshot ISO...

For the GUI, the latest version can be fetched from anoncvs:

cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/src/cvsroot co 

cd imunes; ./install.sh -> done

Note that you need to have tk-8.4 installed for the GUI to work, and 
most probably you'll want quagga and or xorp as well (from ports).

Good luck,


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