On Saturday 13 December 2008 20:33:53 Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> This state of having the variables in parallel, global and in the
> container struct, will be maintained for another (short) time until
> the entire virtualization framework is in. This is needed, so that
> all three possible states can be benchmarked from exactly the same
> code changeset.
> For developers comitting new code or changing code it is important to
> properly add virtualized variables in the way that:
> 1) the globals and externs (if needed) are added/kept in sync as both
>     a) globals under #ifdef VIMAGE_GLOBALS and b) to the appropriate
>     container struct + the V_ macro.
>     When used somewhere in code one has to use the V_foobarbaz version.

Is there (an easy) way to have the tinderbox build every other run without 
VIMAGE_GLOBALS so that the most obvious error (global available, but not in 
the container struct - or the other way around) can be warned about?

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