I updated my FreeBSD RELEASE 7.0 to RELENG_7_1 and installed the VIMAGE
capable kernel and the vimage(8) tool from the provided sources at

I also installed tk-8.4, quagga and xorp from the ports repos.

In order to deploy more complex networking setups I wanted to switch from
static routing ripv2.

Now my question: Are there certain settings I have to perform in order to
get ripd working? So far, I always tried to start the daemon by executing

vimage v1 zebra -d
vimage v1 ripd -d

but both commands immediately return and nothing else happens (no errors, no
daemon processes started). In case I call these commands at the host

zebra -d
rip -d

everything works as expected.

I'm sorry for this question, but is it necessary to install a special
configured version of the quagga routing software to get things working?

Thanks a lot and merry Christmas :-)

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