Hello maillist

i try to setup vimage chrootet to another "installworld/distribution" places:

1)mkdir -p /usr/jail/vbsd2.my.domain

2) cd /usr/src && make installworld DESTDIR="/usr/jail/vbsd2.my.domain" && 
make distribution DESTDIR="/usr/jail/vbsd2.my.domain"

//file for test
3) date > /nochroot.txt

//create v1 image with chroot 
4) vimage -c v1 chroot /usr/jail/vbsd1.my.domain/

//this step for test chroot not necessary? but assign anyway
5) vimage -i v1 bge1

6) vimage v1
Switched to vimage v1

// i see nochroot.txt:
7) vimage v1 /usr/bin/file /nochroot.txt
/nochroot.txt: ASCII text

chroot not ready yet? Thanks!

PS: using vimage_7_20090401.tgz for 7-RELENG

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