On Thursday 23 April 2009 06:52:45 Clarence Chu wrote:
> Hi All,
> Seems to me the vimage_7_20090401.tgz
> doesn't work, yet on FreeBSD-7.2-PRERELEASE/amd64
> as of Apr 22, 2009 for:
> b) device pf
> c) ZFS
> d) rpc.lockd

Basically three separate vimage-related efforts are underway, listed in order 
of priority:

1) merging vimage -> head
2) maintaining vimage branch (tracking head)
3) maintaining vimage_7 branch (tracking stable/7)

So you are mosltly right - in both vimage and vimage_7 branches many kernel 
susbsystems do not work (yet) with options VIMAGE enabled.  The current focus 
is on merging the base network stack infrastructure to head, and deal with 
those remaining subsystems later.

> about a year ago, vimage refused to work with PCCARD NICs,
> not to mention building a static kernel by:
> hints          "GENERIC.hints"
> How's your mileage? Does IMUNES require "most up-dated" version
> as a year ago?

IMUNES should work with both latest vimage and vimage_7 kernels from the 
imunes.net/virtnet page, though in general IMUNES mailing list would be a 
more appropriate place to discuss any IMUNES specific issues.


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