> Subject: Port of virtualbox in FreeBSD i386/amd64.
> People: look at the article bellow:
> http://miwi.bsdcrew.de/2009/05/virtualbox-on-freebsd/
> we can get the port in:
> svn co 
> http://svn.bluelife.at/projects/packages/blueports/emulators/virtualbox/


ports/emulators/qemu as of version 0.10.3 may act as VMM for Vista-x86, 
MacOSX/Leopard (Hackintosh).
not to mention -arm, -x86_64, -etc.

virtualbox can only be x86-only VMM, AFAIK.  

It's definitely great news to be able to run VirtualBox under FreeBSD!

Best wishes,

Clarence CHU

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