Marko Zec wrote:

Change 161987 by z...@zec_tpx32 on 2009/05/12 18:47:49

        Back out O(n**2) ad-hoc hack for searching for available
        ifunits in cloning ifnets, and restore the standard O(n)
        bitmapped searching / ifunit allocation method for both
        default and options VIMAGE builds.
        HOWEVER, hereby we also introduce per-vnet if_clone driver
        registration and ifunit allocation.  As a (necessary) example,
        if_loop is modified to attach itself as an independent
        cloner instance to each vnet.
        This approach has a neat byproduct: if_clone drivers that
        do not explicitly declare themselves as multi-vnet, by
        exporting an iattach() method and registering to the vnet
        framework, continue to work with unmodified semantics in
        the default vnet.  However, they will NOT be available
        in other vnets.

Ah I didn't read this right the first time..
generally, good but...

So we cannot have tun drivers in vimages?

tun needs it's /dev  entres, so can not be 'renumbered' (in the
base sense) until we somehow add vimage support to devfs.
however having tun3 in one vimage and tun4 in another would still
be pretty ok I think. So I think the modes wanted would be:

"Unvirtualised"    appears in base vimage only
"Scattered"        one namespace, but in different vimages.
"Virtualised"      separate namespaces.

p.s excuse my unamerican way of spelling 'ised' (not ized)
my fingers refuse to co-operate.

        This brings us a step closer to being able to selectively
        attach subsystems to particular vnets, instead of having
        all subsystems unconditionally available to all vnets by

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