Marko Zec wrote:
On Monday 25 May 2009 15:06:27 Milan Obuch wrote:
there is some bug in (most probably) netgraph code. I did fresh csup and
rebuild today. Whenever I try to turn bluetooth on (equivalent to plugging
in the dongle), panic occurs:

ubt0: <Micro Star International product 0xa97a, class 224/1, rev
2.00/31.64, addr 2> on usbus3
in /usr/src/sys/modules/netgraph/netgraph/../../../netgraph/ng_base.c:634
 vnet=0 curvnet=0
cpuid = 0

This does not occur with kernel from sources three days old.

This is a known problem related to curvnet context not being set by the USB device attach code - I have to lurk / shop around for some cheap USB ethernet or bt devices to be able to reproduce & fix this locally, the alternative would be wild guessing and planting context setting macros at random places in the USB code, i.e. without testing, which I'm reluctant to do.

it probably requires someone who knows the bluetooth and usb-ethernet
code to decide how this is done.

It seems to me that the bluetooth stuff should probably just always set itself to the base (default) vimage, as it has many kinds of devices that are not really 'interfaces' so to speak and probably deserve to be in the base virtual machine. It does have SOME interface type devices in theory but I don't know if they are supported.

Maksim, in vimage, before yo call teh netgraph code, the mbuf should have an interface pointer and that in turn should have a pointer to the vimage.. Alternatively, the thread coming into netgraph should run code from vimage.h that sets the current image for that thread. can you suggest places that this may occur?


Part from core.txt file:

#0  doadump () at pcpu.h:246
246<--->pcpu.h: No such file or directory.
<------>in pcpu.h
(kgdb) #0  doadump () at pcpu.h:246
#1  0xc0554e0e in boot (howto=260) at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:420
#2  0xc05550e2 in panic (fmt=Variable "fmt" is not available.
) at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:576
#3  0xc0b947c1 in ng_make_node_common (type=0xc0b8f9a0, nodepp=0xc416b3a8)
/usr/src/sys/modules/netgraph/netgraph/../../../netgraph/ng_base.c:634 #4 0xc0b8bcc4 in ubt_attach (dev=0xc4294280)

g_ubt.c:443 #5  0xc057dcbf in device_attach (dev=0xc4294280) at
device_if.h:178 #6  0xc057e88e in device_probe_and_attach (dev=0xc4294280)
    at /usr/src/sys/kern/subr_bus.c:2473
#7  0xc0b38240 in usb2_probe_and_attach_sub (udev=0xc41fd800,
uaa=0xe4116c1c) at
/usr/src/sys/modules/usb/usb/../../../dev/usb/usb_device.c:1131 #8 0xc0b3871a in usb2_probe_and_attach (udev=0xc41fd800, iface_index=255 'ΓΏ') at /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/usb/../../../dev/usb/usb_device.c:1288 #9 0xc0b40ff0 in uhub_explore (udev=0xc3f07000)
    at /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/usb/../../../dev/usb/usb_hub.c:218
#10 0xc0b31f29 in usb2_bus_explore (pm=0xc3ed0dd4)

15 #11 0xc0b4343a in usb2_process (arg=0xc3ed0d74)
    at /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/usb/../../../dev/usb/usb_process.c:139
#12 0xc0530008 in fork_exit (callout=0xc0b43360 <usb2_process>,.
    arg=0xc3ed0d74, frame=0xe4116d38) at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_fork.c:830
#13 0xc070b550 in fork_trampoline () at

At line 634 in ng_base.c, there is


I have options VIMAGE in my kernel config (actually this is first one
succesfully compiled with mentioned option, but I did not try it too often,
it just failed to compile before).

Now I recompiled kernel again, this time without options VIMAGE in config,
and panic does not occur.

So the original problem is INIT_VNET_NETGRAPH implementation in presence of
options VIMAGE in kernel config. If anyone has anything to test, please let
me know.

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