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            Does anyone know of a patch that will add per jail memory
            limits so that a jail can't swallow the resources of the
            entire box?



        not yet..

    I started to port this to 7.1 today:


    What are the peoples opinions on this patch?


If you're soliciting opinions if this will be used and is needed, I would love to see this functionality. This is the main reason I've had to chose XEN over jails. If you need some help testing, let me know.

Adam Vande More
Hi Adam,

I have a patch against 7.1 here: http://svn.tomjudge.com/freebsd/patches/jail-resource-limits/jail-limits.patch

probably the person who should work with this in -current is james (CC'd)

Probably the person who should be contacted is trasz who worked on
hierachical resource limit per .., jail in p4.  Though this is
slightly different.

I think it's ok if people need those things to update the pathes but I
doubt any will probably ever make it into FreeBSD as those things are kind
of contrary to the V_ plans.

BTW, I think the patch referenced is not the latest I had seen and I
thought that we also had one for 7.x or even for 8 already floating around.
Maybe some investigation on list archives etc. might be helpful before
starting to hack things.  Maybe also check the links on

I will try to bring the patch up to current when I get a chance but I have no real need to do this as we use 7.1 in production.


* CPU limiting is not support is not supported unless you use shecd_4bsd. * I have not tested this on any system yet, just compile tested, I am putting it though its paces right now.


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