> i have just installed FreeBSD 8.0 RC2 and wanted to play around
> with imunes/vimage, but i couldn't find it in the installed version
> (from DVD ISO). Did i just missed something, or what do i have to
> install something in addition? If so, FTP URLS would be helpful as my
> BSD machine is not in a network.

Build a custom kernel with option VIMAGE. You can initialize a vimage-enabled
jail with:

jail -c -l -U root -n jailname host.hostname=jailname.example.com
path=/my/jail/path vnet persist

If you want to use netgraph to build a virtual bridge between a physical
ethernet interface and the vnet interface on the jail:

# create netgraph bridge, connecting physical interface lower hook
ngctl mkpeer msk0: bridge lower link0
# give the physical interface hook a convenient name
ngctl name msk0:lower bridge0
# connect upper hook of physical interface to the bridge
ngctl connect msk0: bridge0: upper link1
# create a netgraph node for the vnet interface, connected to the bridge
ngctl mkpeer bridge0: eiface link2 ether
# connect the vnet virutal interface and the netgraph node
ifconfig ngeth0 vnet ns

The work on vnet is well done, and has been reliable through all of my load
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