Huth, Hans-Peter wrote:

i have just installed FreeBSD 8.0 RC2 and wanted to play around
with imunes/vimage, but i couldn't find it in the installed version
(from DVD ISO). Did i just missed something, or what do i have to
install something in addition? If so, FTP URLS would be helpful as my
BSD machine is not in a network.

Build a custom kernel with option VIMAGE. You can initialize a
jail with:


The work on vnet is well done, and has been reliable through all of my

[in reply to remodeler]

i have build the kernel now (from 8.0 RC2 DVD), but imunes and vimage
are still not there.
What is missing? Or am i stuck with Rel. 7 and patching? I want to play
around with the
Imunes network emulation features. Docu at does not help either,
directories under src are different.

You have all the system parts required, but you also need to get the immunes sources. They are not part of FreeBSD.

The 'vimage'  program is not in FreeBSD because the functionality
has been taken over by the 'jail' command.
'vimage' is still available however in the repository at
src/tools/tools/vimage.  use the web interfaqce to get to it

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