Julian Elischer wrote:

possibly. but try running 'ngctl list' in the jail to list all the nodes it can see there.

as well as ifconfig

there might be an order dependency:
try this:
reboot with no netgraph nodes loaded.
make the jail
move vr0 to teh jail using ifconfig
kldload ng_ether
kldload ng_pppoe
(in the jail) run ngctl list
(in the jail) run ifconfig

and see if the result is different

if so then the trick would be to have the interfsce alreday in
the right jail when the ng_ether nodes are created.

if you do it the other way around it is possible that moving
theinterfaces to a new jail doesn't move the netgraph nodes
associated, leaving them behind in the old jail.

Sorry for the chipping in,

What you describe Julian, works as expected. The problem is
that this can work in a static setup, where one builds the physical
topology and kldloads the ng_ether module. I am very interested
in doing network simulations using vimage/vnet, thus want to
be able to create and destroy topologies as wanted. Can I
somehow overcome this?

Thanks, Nikos
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