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I'm searching for a way to create vnet jails in rc.conf. I tried it with
jail_flags (-c vnet) with no success.

The documentation is not very helpful, I'm missing the way to create the
vnet jail and I suspect the specification of an ipv6 address to the
epair in the jail is not working.

Any suggestions?
vnets are not yet supported by the legacy jail management framework
and will not.
The plan is to have something different for when vimages are no longer
"experimental" (tech preview, ... call it what you like to and what
sounds good;).  Ideally for 8.2 but that's just a wild handwaving.

Wasting another year?
I have some uncommented old notes lying around here:

The current ones are actually a lot more complex and no longer good
examples.  Rather than using "persist" you can still give a command to
start a jail starting all the rc framework etc. in it.


I tried it with the following, but suffered intermittent routing
problems (route6d died and cannot be restarted):

   jail -c vnet name=d1 path=/jails/dns1
   jail -c vnet name=d2 path=/jails/dns2
   ifconfig bridge0 create
   ifconfig epair create
   ifconfig epair create
   ifconfig bridge0 addm epair0a addm epair1a up
   ifconfig epair0a inet6 fd08:e8a3:4825:10::1
   ifconfig epair0b vnet 1
   ifconfig epair1b vnet 2
   jexec 1 csh
   ifconfig epair0b inet6 fd08:e8a3:4825:10::10
   route -n add -inet6 default fd08:e8a3:4825:10::1
   jexec 2 csh
   ifconfig epair1b inet6 fd08:e8a3:4825:10::11
   route -n add -inet6 default fd08:e8a3:4825:10::1

Is this the way to get a stable vnet system?

using epair and bridge is probably suboptimal.

try using:
1: three epair sets to make a mesh (usable with smal nunbers fo jails)
2: using netgraph to make a bridge..

I'm doing thsii from memory so you may need to tweak it:

ngctl mkpeer em0: bridge  lower link0
ngctl name em0:lower switch
ngctl connect switch: em0: link1 upper

# and then for each vnet,
ngctl mkpeer switch: eiface link2 ether
ifconfig ngeth0 vnet d1

ngctl mkpeer switch: eiface link3 ether
ifconfig nget1 vnet d2

ngctl mkpeer switch: eiface link4 ether
ifconfig ngeth2 vnet d3

ngctl mkpeer switch: eiface link5 ether
ifconfig ngeth3 vnet d4


you'll need to kldload ng_ether, ng_bridge and ng_eiface
(though I think ngctl may do that for you)


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