Hi. Sorry for my bad english.
I'm experimenting with a WinXP host and a virtual network using VirtualBox; I'v created 3 virtual FreeBSD 8.0 PC.
The REAL PC is connected to the internet with an ADSL router; real router has a 
static IP; real PC NIC address is
The first virtual PC works as a gateway between two nets with this 
- 1 NIC in NAT -  DHCP - assigned addres (the standard IP 
automatically assigned by VirtualBox 3.1.2)
- 1 NIC in Internal Network - IP
- 1 NIC in Internal Network - IP
This configuration lets me go on the internet and gives me access to the 
clients on the 2 nets.
Both virtual clients ping the others virtual PCs and both clients can access 
FTP area of the others virtual PCs.
>From the virtual gateway I can access the real host webServer (which is not 
This is (part) of the gateway's /etc/rc.conf:
#this is my real ADSL router
This is first "client"'s rc.conf:
My basic idea is to create a virtual network which uses real PC ad it's ADSL 
router (I'm working at home) only to allow my virtual gateway to access the 
internet (which is possible).
I'm not interested in comumunicating with real PC. I'd like to simulate a Small 
Office situation with a gateway, which should be the only one with an internet 
access (later I will, maybe, configure a firewall, a DNS server, a DHCP server, 
a NFS server, a Samba server ... and so on); the client virtual PCs should go 
on the internet through the gateway.
The problem is that virtual gateway accesses the internet, but le virtual 
client don't.
This is the output for netstat -r from virtual gateway

Routing tables
 Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
 default             UGS         1       61    em0           link#1             U           0        0    em0          link#1             UHS         0        0    lo0
 localhost          link#4             UH          0       20    lo0         link#2             U           0        0    em1
 fbsdgw             link#2             UHS         0        0    lo0         link#3             U           0        0    em2         link#3             UHS         0        0    lo0

I think that is the address of VirtualBox DHCP.

I've tried to configure em0 as a NIC with a bridge, but I've failed (probably 
for a fault of kowledge aboud bridges).
Thank you for any help.

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