I've used ipfw and Dummynet as well as ipfw + DSCP recognition patch and
pf/altq to simulate Internet and MPLS WAN environments for several
years.  All of my setups have run under VMWare, which for many reasons
isn't ideal.  I would like to collapse all of these VMs into one FreeBSD
box using jails and vimages.

Does any FreeBSD branch / vimage release combination support separate pf
AND ipfw configurations per jail?  I need ipfw+pf/altq for HFSC queuing
to simulate the queueing effects of MPLS provider edge and core

I'm hoping the latest 7.2-STABLE-201001 snapshot will work.  The DSCP
recognition patch for ipfw that I rely on doesn't seem to work with

If 7.2 won't work for my needs, but 8 or 9-CURRENT will, is anyone aware
of an updated ipfw DSCP patch?  I haven't seen anything on Google or the
freebsd-ipfw mailing list.  

Thanks for your time,


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