On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Yin, Kwong-Sang wrote:

I'm currently using FreeBSD 8.0 Stable and below I created 2 vimages. I'm 
trying to setup tunnel mode IPsec using racoon for each vimage but got error 
message for the vimage e0_n1.

[r...@er2 /home/kwong]# vimage -c e0_n0
[r...@er2 /home/kwong]# vimage e0_n0 ifconfig gif0 create
[r...@er2 /home/kwong]# vimage -c e0_n1
[r...@er2 /home/kwong]# vimage e0_n1 ifconfig gif0 create
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: File exists

But when I checked, gif0 is only in vimage e0_n0.

You get an error when creating the 2mf gif interface.  None but
if_loop cloners are currently virtualized in a way that you can create
overlapping interface names between vnets.

I am have a prototype to fix the infrastructure rather than each
driver but it needs a bit of cleanup still.

You may want to create gif0 and a gif1 meanwhile; that should work.


PS: for tunnel mode IPsec you do not need gif tunnels at all.  You can
just setup ipsec.  If you need interfaces over ipsec for link state
protocols like OSPF you would want to configure transport mode for the
gif-tunnel endpoints and only protect those (the gif tunnel) and then
use routes.

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