Phan Quoc Hien writes:

I know RootBSD is FreeBSD VPS Provider...Anyone know another provider?
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Have no experience with, but have gathered link from previous posts - dragonfly hosting - Run by members of NYCBSD users group

Currently using I think VMware based They claim to have unlimited bandwith. I use so little bandwith that I can't attest the validity of the claim.. ie some people tell you unlimited.. as lnog as you don't go over X amount of bandwith.. like cell phone carriers do. Have been using them for less than 6 months with a little VM for mail only. So far no problems.

You do 100% of the work. They just provide a VM
Jail based.
Have used them for years. A good combination of full control (you get root in the jail) and automation through their control panel.
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