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is there any mechanism to find out from userland  is supports the
current kernel VIMAGE or not? something like 'sysctl
kern.features.vnet=1' ?

I've not been able to determine this either, but as it requires kernel
re-configuration, I usually just know. In my scripts, I make sure and
fail if the call to create a vnet jail fails:

sh -c 'TEST=$(sudo jail -c vnet name=test host.hostname=test path=/) ;
if [ $? = "1" ]; then echo "VIMAGE NOT AVAILABLE" ; exit 1 ; fi'

I would just go with jail -c vnet command=/usr/bin/true or something
along these liens for the pure test.  Otherwise you might end up with
a running jail, that you may not want unless you test it with the
complete command line.

...or something like that.

There may be a better way, or perhaps there should be.

Or there will be if there isn't yet.  I remember I added a FEATURE()
macro somehere.  At least my dev machine already has it...

# sysctl -a kern.features
kern.features.compat_freebsd7: 1
kern.features.compat_freebsd6: 1
kern.features.compat_freebsd5: 1
kern.features.compat_freebsd4: 1
kern.features.vimage: 1                 <<<
kern.features.posix_shm: 1
kern.features.ipsec_natt: 1
kern.features.ipsec: 1


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