On Thu, 20 Jan 2011, Mikolaj Golub wrote:


On CURRENT when doing something like below:

jail -c name=test vnet persist
ifconfig epair0 create
ifconfig epair0b vnet test
ifconfig epair0a destroy
jexec test ifconfig

For the records:

I can confirm the panic and here's an improved version of the script,
using my standard magic for epair creation etc, so that it will more
likely work and not conflict with other running test setups.  I
decided to put the together more officially as I have a longer list of
other tests as well and may eventualy commit them somewhere, when put
into the right shape for the regression testing framework in src/tools/.


To be hontest, I haven't quite read the patches in detail yet, but as
vmove needs some other "fixes" as well, I'll do so once I get there.
They are marked important here.


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